? » « And having even MORE money is even better, right?! » « Yeah

? » « And having even MORE money is even better, right?! » « Yeah

But when you see the aftermath on video, even though it doesn even compare to seeing it irl, it still shows you the gravity of the situation and how serious that shit is.But still there was so much edginess in the comments, I don know if people understood the seriousness of it or if they were trying to act tough because they saw a video of gore. Among the accidents the majority were certainly car accidents, but there was a fair share of industrial accidents posted there as well.Honestly, while I appreciated the sub for what it was, I understand why many found it distasteful. Many commenters there had a very morbid sense of humor, and it wasn’t uncommon for people to cross the line into being flat disrespectful.I’d say my two bigger takeaways from that sub were:1) Cars are inherently dangerous because humans make mistakes all he time, and making a mistake at 70 MPH is a lot worse than making a mistake as a pedestrian.

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