At 4 mana you can get away with a creature that is basically

At 4 mana you can get away with a creature that is basically

I recently visited my doctor for a routine physical and my annual guilt trip for loving an occasional cigar. When I called to make an appointment, the operator made it sound like she was upset. I don’t know, maybe I interrupted a winning hand of Solitaire.

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perfect hermes replica The higher the mana cost gets, the closer you get to cards that should just win the game on the spot if resolved. At 4 mana you can get away with a creature that is basically just an evasive beatstick with a convenient stat split. At 5 mana you want creatures that just run away with the game, like Biogenic Ooze, you 1 mana away from Niv Mizzet, you could be dropping a Drake with protection spells ready, Lyra Dawnbringer that stonewalls aggro.. perfect hermes replica

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